Rest Easy with Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

Every detail in ensuring a good night’s sleep is important. That’s why SC41 offers envelope-style Pillow Cases designed to maximize the comfort and effectiveness of our Oxygen Pillows.

Made from long-staple organic knit cotton in Germany, these Pillow Cases provide stretch and breathable comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike traditional high thread count pillow cases, these eliminate surface tension and contact pressure – even ear pressure – that you may experience with unencased pillows.

Pillow Cases Set
Waking Up Refreshed

But it’s not just about comfort – it’s about creating a healthy sleep environment.

Organic cotton knit fabric helps control humidity and balance your body temperature, reducing sleep disruptions from overheating or night sweats.

A dry, well-ventilated sleep environment can also mean fewer allergens like mold and dust mites, making for improved breathing and restful sleep.

For a clean and safe sleep, our Pillow Cases are machine washable at high temperatures and certified chemically safe by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Discover the difference that these 100-Percent Organic Cotton Pillow Cases can make!