Gat Creek

Appalachian Hardwood Furniture Handmade In America

Gat Creek doesn’t import mass-produced furniture – they build solid-wood furniture to your exact specifications using sustainably harvested lumber from the Appalachian Forest.

Gat Creek lives near the geo-center of this growing forest and practices their craft in an oversized workshop filled with cutting-edge woodworking equipment. Each piece of Gat Creek furniture is signed and dated by the artisan who builds it and then hand-finished in a careful board-by-board process to bring out its natural beauty.

Gat Creek takes pride both in what they create and how they create it

A healthy environment starts inside your home. Engineered materials frequently used in furniture manufacturing, especially MDF, have a reputation for leaching VOCs and formaldehyde. Gat Creek believes using safer, natural materials and choosing solid wood furniture can help avoid bringing toxins into your home.

Gat Creek’s Commitment to a Healthy Home Environment

Gat Creek products are made even healthier through their finish practices. The catalyzed lacquer finish Gat Creek uses to protect your solid wood furniture is 99.9% cured in the production process. Ovens and fans in the finishing area, along with time, assure that essentially all VOCs are vacated before Gat Creek products are delivered to you.

Transparency in Sourcing: Gat Creek’s Ethical Lumber Practices

Gat Creek sources lumber exclusively through suppliers like Frank E. Wilson Lumber of Elkins, West Virginia, a fifth generation company that meets strict conservation standards. Stewardship of forest resources in partnership with Wilson Lumber, ITL Northwest Hardwoods, and others has contributed to an increase in the region’s population of hardwood trees for the past 90+ years.