Luonto Fine Functional Furniture

Sustainably Handmade in Finland - Since 1964

Luonto was founded in order to provide high quality furniture at a fair price. They have been delivering on that promise for almost 60 years.

Among other fine furniture, they design and manufactured sleeper sofas and sofa beds. Some of them are powered and transform from sofa to bed with the press of a button. One of their amazing designs is a sofa that turns into a bunk bed!

Luonto employees average over 20 years with the company, a real testimant to the attention and care put into your furniture every step of the way.

“Our sustainable manufacturing processes are part of our heritage. Finland maintains very strict environmental standards which we have grown to live by. Roughly 80% of the country is lake and forest which puts a big emphasis on sustainability in our culture.

This is not something we do to be on trend but rather it’s done simply because it’s who we are and where we come from.”

For more information about Luonto’s handmade sustainable fine, functional furniture, be sure to check out their website or YouTube channel!