Maria Yee

Combining Ancient Craftsmanship and Modern Sustainability

Maria Yee established her design studio in 1988 in Scotts Valley, California. Her studio focuses on wellnessmaterial, and craft.

Every element matters.

From responsibly grown hardwoods, eco-conscious water-based finishes, luxurious leather, to hand forged metal pulls, Maria Yee works hard to sustainably source quality materials.

Maria Yee applies honed techniques, breathing new life into classic craftsmanship. Utilizing a modernized joinery system based on ancient Chinese tradition, Maria Yee has developed construction techniques that require no nails or screws.

Acclaimed for California contemporary designs as well as advancing environmental and social responsibilities, Maria Yee believes in holistic design, and the idea that every step in the process material, craft, and environment matters.

Maria Yee, Sustainable Furniture Pioneer
Maria Yee, Sustainable Furniture Pioneer

Most of my design inspirations have come from nature, architecture forms, and texture. Travel allows me to see and explore amazing natural scenery and buildings under different cultures and time periods.