Beds and Bed Frames

Going to bed can be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to each night.

The SC41 team believes that the right bed can transform your sleep, turning it into the highlight of your day. SC41 has crafted a collection of beds and bed frames that don’t just promise a good night’s sleep, but also enhance the aesthetics of your nest.

Bed frames and nightstands at the SC41 Showrooom
BR13SR - Bed Frames at SC41 in Santa Cruz

Really appreciated Susan’s patience and professional, knowledgeable assistance in choosing the right mattress, pillows, and bed frame. I’m very happy with the final results!

Crafted for Dreams: The SC41 Collection

Each bed frame in the collection is a piece of art, made from sustainable materials like bamboo or sustainably harvested hardwood. SC41 also offers frames and headboards featuring plush tufted fabric for that extra touch of comfort and luxury. Bed frames aren’t just furniture; they’re a testament to comfort and a commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Meets Comfort

When you choose a bed frame at SC41, you’re not just choosing a piece of furniture. You’re choosing a lifestyle committed to sustainability without compromising on style and comfort.

Feel the smooth touch of bamboo frames or the sturdy reliability of hardwood pieces. Experience the plush softness of tufted fabric.

Welcome to a World of Sweet Dreams

SC41 is here to change your perception of sleep. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to a world where every night is an opportunity for sweet dreams. SC41 bed frames are designed to deliver the ultimate sleep experience, making you look forward to the moment you jump into bed.

Wake up to a New Dawn in Bed Frames

Take a look at the gallery of beds to get a glimpse of the magic that awaits you. Each bed frame is a labor of love, designed to be a delight for your senses and a boon for our planet. And many can be customized to fit your exact taste and decor!

Featuring leading sustainable manufacturers like Greenington and Maria Yee, SC41 isn’t just selling bed frames – we’re offering an invitation to a world where comfort, style, and sustainability coexist. A world where your dreams are cradled in the embrace of nature. Welcome to the SC41 bedroom experience!

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