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Revitalizing your home starts with those all-important details. SC41 is not just about furniture—but also about creating stories. The SC41 home decor collection captures the essence of Santa Cruz living—rich in local charm and the inherent beauty of nature.

Home Decor Vases Candle Sticks Artwork and Wood Carving

Decor, Lamps, and More

Step into a world where function meets artistry in the carefully curated Decor, Lamps, and More collection. These offerings are not just accessories but conversation starters. They lend warmth, texture, and personality to your surroundings.

Explore exquisite vases, whimsical wooden candlesticks, artwork that evokes emotion, and fascinating wood carvings. With SC41, excellence in craftsmanship doesn’t mean extravagant prices; it’s about delivering the perfect finishing touch that aligns with your budget.


Mirrors do more than just reflect—they open up spaces, amplify light, and add an intriguing dimension to your interiors. With unique and sophisticated designs, mirrors are an effortless way to inject your personality into your home. Allow our collection to spark your imagination and transform your daily living spaces into radiant havens.

Art and Local Artists

Art breathes life into a space. It tells a story, invites conversation, and expresses the soul of the artist.

SC41 is proud to collaborate with local artists and the Arts Council, blending the vibrant colors and soul of Santa Cruz into your home. The unique collection ranges from the subtle to the bold, ensuring there’s something to captivate and inspire everyone who enters your home.

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Your home is a canvas and decor is your brush. Paint a vivid picture that reflects your taste and personality.

From delightful details to eye-catching centerpieces, SC41 is here to help you create a harmonious living space that tells your story. Explore the unique collection and transform your home into a place where every corner tells a tale.

Visit SC41 today and let your home decor journey begin!