Enchanting Sustainable Furniture

The care or neglect that goes into creating a piece of furniture stays with it. Forever.

The furniture you choose has a positive or negative effect on the lives of everyone in your home. Everyone feels better in a home filled with beauty.

Timeless sustainable furniture brings out the best in everyone. It makes your home ‘ecosystem’ more sustainable.

Sustainability starts with the environment. Consideration for the planet and workers is woven into every step of crafting your new furniture. . .

SC41 is a local treasure. We are lucky to have a store in Santa Cruz that caters to us folks who want to be eco-friendly, stylish, and receive outstanding customer service.

The green factor creates the unique experience embedded in every piece of sustainable furniture sold at SC41.

You probably noticed this before. Consider the opposite experience. . .

Sitting on a cheap sofa.

The fabric feels abrasive, brittle, or frayed and has a cheap look. The cushioning is lumpy or absent. Your back strains to support itself.

Sitting on a lousy chair day after day affects people.

Your body feels the lack of care put into the manufacturing process.

Contrast that with relaxing on a sustainable sofa at SC41.

When you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and the sight of an almost overwhelming symphony of beautiful sustainable furniture.

Browse the showroom on your own or with a member of the SC41 team.

Settle into a sofa and feel the comfortable texture of the fabric and its softness.

You can see the attention that went into the seams, the wood joinery, and even the selection of materials. The cushioning is cozy and you are free to move comfortably.

As you settle in, your back is supported by the back pillows, and the sturdy sustainably-sourced wood frame supports your whole body.

The SC41 mission is to help you bring more beauty, comfort, and nourishment into your home.

The idea that beauty and sustainability are nourishing is not just common sense. The latest neuroscience is uncovering connections between happiness, well-being, and being surrounded by beauty.

The SC41 team specializes in helping bring out the loveliness you envision. We have found that sustainable furniture is the best way to make this a reality.

The home should be a refuge and a place of nourishment for all who enter.

Sustainability is a long-term relationship with the Earth and its people. Every interaction with SC41 is centered on the principle of sustainability.

Like a hand-crafted dresser, bed frame, table, or nightstand – we want to be with you for many years to come.

Eco-Friendly, Natural, and Sustainable Materials

Wood Furniture

Natural Wood Table with Inlaid Pattern
Natural Wood Table with Inlaid Pattern

Most SC41 wood framing is crafted from kiln-dried hardwood from sustainably managed forests or bamboo.

Bamboo is an ecologically friendly choice since it is technically a grass and matures much quicker than trees. Bamboo contains 35% more oxygen than an identical stand of trees and is harder than rock maple – one of the hardest North American woods.

SC41 does not sell tropical hardwoods, MDF, particle board, or toxic glues.

Cushions and Upholstery

Pattern Fabric Throw Pillows
Pattern Throw Pillows

Wrap yourself in nature’s comfort with sustainable cushions and upholstery!

Crafted meticulously using low-impact materials, these exquisite pieces feature materials like down, wool, organic cotton and all-natural latex – the earth’s own recipe for plushness

Natural Bedding


Sink into sumptuous silk. It adjusts to your body temperature!

Silk feels warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

SC41’s silk is dyed with low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes that reduce waste-water runoff.

Organic Cotton

SC41 cotton bedding is made from organic cotton not broken down with harsh chemicals. It is stronger and softer than conventionally grown cotton.

Natural Bamboo

SC41 also carries natural bamboo fabric. Bamboo-based fabric contains a natural antibacterial property to resist mildew growth.

It has a silk-like feel that is softer than cotton.


Green retailing means offering products that endure, structurally and artistically, without harming either the environment or the people that make or use them.

SC41 is committed to ecologically sound business practices. We know that your health and our success depend on it.

SC41 features functional designs that are crafted by quality-conscious woodworkers and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for their conscientious use of sustainable, responsibly harvested wood.

SC41 offers customers high-quality, simply styled sustainable furniture and bedding at the lowest prices possible. At the same time, SC41 maintains a commitment to the environment, and using natural, eco-friendly, and recycled materials whenever possible.

Local vendors are chosen based on their commitment to a fair price, as well as maintaining the highest social and environmental standards for workers.

These products are not only stylish but made in an environmentally conscientious manner that allows you to rest comfortably in both body and mind.

From consultation on room functionality through color, mood and space utilization, you will find SC41 team to be experienced, knowledgeable, and an invaluable asset in creating a stylish and environmentally friendly home for your family.