"The most comfortable seating in the world - made in Norway and enjoyed across the globe."


Ekornes was founded in 1934, setting out to change the way people think about comfort. Nothing exemplifies that more than the Ekornes' Stressless Furniture line. Ekornes believes that being comfortable is based on the right fit, to your body and to your home. Most Stressless styles are available in multiple sizes so the furniture feels tailored to your body, and the many design possibilities will ensure it feels tailored to your room design.


Ekornes' innovative comfort systems allow the furniture to seamlessly move with your body by simply turning the Glide wheel and shifting your weight, and they provide complete support to your head, neck and back in any position. Stressless furniture is designed to offer an entirely new level of comfort to serious comfort enthusiasts. Today Stressless is proud to carry the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association for it's ultimate comfort and backcare support.