The Areus Mattress

Hybrid: Coils + Latex Foam

The unique Areus offers dynamic responsive support and is one of SC41's most popular models with a long track record of comfort and durability. Made in Germany, the nested base coil in this model features over 1,100 interactive bi-level flexible steel coils. Alternating these tall and short coils gives the taller coils an impressive range of flex for improved contour and pressure reduction. Topped with 2" of 100% natural Talalay latex for these two layers create active, responsive support mapping your curves while offering flexible surface comfort.

  • Nested interactive base coils from Germany, special for SC41
  • 2" of highly elastic 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer
  • Breathable cover made with 100% organic cotton quilted to pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate
  • Certified healthy components
  • Proven durability and value
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Four firmness options per model
  • Independent pocketed coil construction for reduced bounce and motion transfer
  • Works well with motorized adjustable bases
Cutaway view of the Areus MattressCutaway view of the Areus Mattress
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