The Luna Mattress

Hybrid: Triple Coil + Latex Foam

To achieve a new level of pressure relief and climate control, a layer of 2200 Posturflo coils was added to the popular Luna.

This technologically advanced performance layer adds flexible cushion and additional airflow. Combined with the supple firmness of the pre-compressed mini coils and the supportive elasticity of the base coils, the surface of the Luna contours to your body with a luxurious feel and exceptional pressure relief.

Topped with natural latex cushioning, the harmonious interaction of coil dynamics in the different layers creates a unique feel providing optimal comfort in any sleeping position. The Posturflo coil has remarkable performance properties enabling temperature regulation and reduced motion transfer.

The triple coil design is completed with a stretch cover made from 100% organic cotton quilted to pure wool combined with a generous amount of camel hair. Camel hair is finer than sheep wool and provides exceptional performance with regards to humidity control and temperature balance combined with sumptuous softness.

All components in the Luna are fully Oeko-Tex Certified to be chemically safe.

  • Base layer of nested, flexible German coils
  • Middle layer of 1,550 German mini coils with soft Talalay latex
  • Top layer of 2,200 English Posturflo coils with soft Talalay latex
  • Breathable organic cotton knit quilted to a combination layer of wool and camel hair for exceptional sleep climate control and cushy comfort
  • Ecologically healthy components built to last
  • Four firmnesses to choose from – dual sided for couples
Cutaway view of the Luna MattressCutaway view of the Luna Mattress
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