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Enjoying Stressless Furniture Available at SC41

Get Special Savings on Stressless® Comfort Now!

Until Monday June 21, save $500 on Stressless® Wing recliners in the two most popular Stressless® leathers, Paloma and Pioneer. Choose from among the Classic or Signature base recliner and ottoman, an office chair or a recliner with Classic Power™ that features a motorized footrest and back.

Plus, save up to 20% on two luxurious and elegant sofas that complement our Stressless® Wing recliners perfectly, the Stressless® Manhattan and Oslo. Both are available in five leather types, a multitude of leather colors and eight wood finishes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get some of our most popular seating for less. Help us celebrate 50 years of excellent Stressless® comfort today!

Valid until Monday June 21, 2021.

*Exclusions apply. See store for details.

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Enjoying IMG Furniture Available at SC41

Happy Father's Day, Dads

Thanks for all you do!

Until Wednesday June 23, relax in comfort with 10% off all new orders of IMG seating.

Save on reclining chairs, sofas and media seating, manual and motorized.

*Exclusions apply. See store for details.

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*Exclusions apply. See store for details. Offers cannot be combined.