Stretch Sheets & Pillow Cases

SC41 Stretch Cotton Fitted Sheets & Pillow Cases perfectly complement SC41's flexible mattress & pillow designs. Custom-made for SC41 from long-staple organic knit cotton in Germany, they offer breathable responsiveness.

  • Soft organic cotton knit for breathable responsiveness
  • Eliminates surface tension both for your mattress and pillows
  • Machine washable at high temperatures for optimal hygiene
  • Custom-made for us in Germany from long-staple organic cotton
  • Fitted Design for a perfect fitMade with 100% organic cotton. Good for the environment and your health

Designed To Work With Your Mattress And Pillows.

SC41 Mattresses and Pillows are designed to provide maximum body conformation and pressure relief. While woven high thread count sheets and pillow cases conventionally are regarded as the ultimate choice, they will cause a certain amount of surface tension and contact pressure. On a pillow this can mean ear pressure where you didn’t feel any on the unencased pillow and a mattress might suddenly feel firmer.

SC41 Fitted Sheets and envelope-style Pillow Cases are designed to not only provide stretch but also breathable comfort. The long staple organic cotton knit works with the SC41 Mattresses System and Oxygen Pillow to naturally balance body temperature and control humidity.

Synthetic bedding materials and down are effective insulators that can trap humidity resulting in disrupted sleep due to overheating and night sweats. A dry and healthy sleeping climate allows your body to relax, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and achieve more restful sleep.

A well ventilated, dry sleep environment also means fewer allergens like mold, and dust mites which improves breathing.

Clean Comfort

The stretch cotton in SC41's fitted sheets and pillow cases is certified chemically safe by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Sheets Available in Sizes: Queen, Eking, CKing TXL and SCK

Pillow Cases Available in Sizes: Standard and Queen