The Oxygen Pillow

Deeper Sleep Through Deeper Breathing

Your breathing could be the single most important factor during sleep.

Breathing affects the quality of your sleep and directly impacts your overall health. Studies show that sleep deprivation or interruption – common problems for people who snore or have sleep apnea – can be contributing factors in many serious health issues.

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Do You wake up feeling rested and energized?

The problem could be your pillow.

You deserve better

How do I know it's the pillow?

Do you find yourself frequently bunching, folding, fluffing, and stacking pillows?

Or what about increasing your pillow’s height and steadiness… by sleeping on your arm?

These are some of the things a healthy person will do in order to compensate for a pillow that is not right for you.

Because most pillows are not built to last or fitted to your specific body, they are too high, too low, too soft, too firm, or they just fall apart quickly and you have to run out and buy another one.

What happens when you don't get enough air during sleep?

This can contribute to problems with the ability to focus, to make decisions, or to feel good about life. Especially for those with snoring issues or chronic sleep apnea, lack of air during sleep can increase cardiac dangers, lead to drowsiness during the day, increase headaches, interfere with memory and motivation, and generally impair the natural joy of life.

What is it like to sleep on a pillow that has adequate, reliable support?

Imagine opening your eyes after a peaceful night’s sleep with a pillow that keeps your spine in alignment and provides proper elevation for your head and neck. How would your day look like then? Sleeping on a pillow that aids in opening up your throat and lung capacity means greater ease in breathing and improved sleep quality. And you generally feel great after a good night’s rest!

What gives the Oxygen Pillow this level of support?

The Oxygen Pillow provides this kind of support by featuring a one-of-a-kind tri-layer construction with internal hinges, a hollow core, and extra depth around the edges.

Oxygen Pillow Layers for Optimal Sleep

How does it help me sleep better?

When sleeping on your back, your head can drop back to open your airway more fully. At the same time, the edge supports the curvature of your neck.

When you sleep on your side, the internal hinges will adjust with the weight of your head. This will give you comfortable support without the edge of the pillow collapsing. The pillow’s edge “fills in” the area from your neck to your shoulder. As your face turns slightly up, this gently helps keep your torso from rotating forward.

How do I take care of the Oxygen Pillow?

The O2 pillow is best cared for by using a removable Oxygen Pillow Washable Cover, which can significantly extend the life of your Oxygen Pillow. The Washable Cover is made of the same fine organic 4-way stretch cotton as the Oxygen Pillow casing and is made to shrink and snugly fit your pillow. This tailored fit ensures that the feel of your pillow does not change when you cover it and the airflow isn’t hindered, as with other pillow covers. The removable cover should be washed about every two to three weeks of use.

What is the right size pillow?

This depends on what positions you mostly sleep in, how wide your shoulders are, the firmness of your mattress, the length of your neck, size/weight of your head, and most importantly what feels comfortable. The right incline is essential. Our experience has been that getting enough incline (raising the neck and head up and out of the tucked position) is a very reliable way to improve airflow and reduce snoring.

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How can I find my right size?

The friendly team at SC41 will take measurements and ask questions to determine the optimal pillow for your body.

If you are ready to elevate your sleep, come visit the SC41 showroom for a complimentary fitting.