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Choose from a colorful selection of living room furniture for your living room, game room or den.

Experience unmatched comfort and style!

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Relaxing on Comfortable Living Room Furniture: Stressless Recliner and Sofa
Relaxing on Comfortable Stressless Recliner and Sofa

Discover eye-catching designs, luxurious comfort, and eco-friendly materials from top brands like Maria Yee, Rowe, Greenington, Stressless, IMG, Whittier – and more.

Experience the epitome of entertainment with epic entertainment cabinets, tables, and consoles. Designed to inspire with style and functionality.

Living room by day, bedroom by night. Transform your hospitality with a range of sleepers sofas and chest beds. Give visiting family and friends the gift of comfort and watch as the good times unfold.

Transport yourself into a world of comfort and style with a variety of sofas, couches, love seats, and sectionals at SC41. Choose from traditional to modern styles, and create a space that reflects your favorite size, color, and comfort.

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience and shop the SC41 collection, featuring Stressless and IMG recliners today! From sleek, modern lines to plush cushions and supportive headrests, each chair is expertly crafted to provide maximum comfort and style. So why wait?

Turn your living room into a cozy and inviting space with the perfect end table, bookcase, or chair. These essential pieces add functionality to your space and also enhance the look and feel of your home.

Whether you’re looking for a coffee table to set the mood or a bookcase to show off your collection, SC41’s range of furniture will help you make your living room the heart of your home.

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Allowed me to look, take my time, and make a selection without hassle. Very knowledgeable and helpful when I did have questions or need assistance. I love your store!