Natural Latex Mattresses

A Refreshing Awakening Awaits

Experience restorative sleep on our natural latex mattress, and greet every morning with a renewed sense of vitality.

"It is hands down the best bed we have ever had! We wake up every morning feeling refreshed and well-rested. . ."

Why is it such a challenge for so many people to drift into a deep and peaceful slumber?

One of the biggest factors in getting good sleep is your mattress. . .

Mattresses are often too soft or too hard

If your bed is too hard, laying on your side puts extra pressure on your shoulders, elbows, and hips. As the bed pushes up on them, your back has to adjust to compensate.

If your bed is too soft, your weight is not evenly distributed. Your spine has to flex in an unnatural way to compensate.

What about the mattress that gently “has your back?”

When you walk into SC41 you see five unique mattress designs in the showroom.

When you lay down on the mattress that’s right for you, it feels gentle on the “bony” areas of your body — elbows, shoulders, and hips.

At the same time, you feel your back and neck comfortably supported.

It’s almost like magic to feel support in all the right places.

This “magic” is the result of over 25 years of research and fitting thousands of people.

Consider your lungs when choosing a mattress

The average person breathes in and out 5,833 times each night.

Some mattresses, particularly those made with polyurethane foam, may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

On the other hand, SC41 mattresses are made with materials – such as natural latex, wool, and organic cotton – that are known to emit fewer or zero VOCs.

By improving the quality of the air you breath, you can enjoy a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

These materials are also naturally comfortable.

You can feel the difference between laying down on a synthetic mattress vs. being supported by a soft latex organic cotton mattress.

Another factor in choosing a mattress is noise and motion.

Have you ever been woken up by your significant other tossing and turning to get comfortable?  It’s jarring to get pulled out of a dream by squawking springs and getting bounced around like you’re on a trampoline.

SC41 mattresses solve this in two ways:

#1 – By being incredibly comfortable, they reduce the need for tossing and turning.

#2 – Motion and sound isolation. The natural latex in SC41 mattresses isolates motion and is incredibly quiet.

SC41 mattresses with springs use pocketed coils. Each spring has its own “pocket” so it flexes without affecting other springs.

Many memory foam mattresses trap heat and moisture while you sleep

SC41 uses Vita Talalay Natural Latex in all of our mattresses.

It is breathable, so your heat dissipates and you sleep cool and cozy.

Vita Talalay Latex also supports you without gobbling you up like memory foam.

By reflecting your energy, Natural Latex makes it easy for you to get comfortable in bed. Your body naturally settles itself while you sleep.

The Most Durable Comfortable Mattress

A lot of mattresses sag and tear after a few years. The springs lose their bounce. The foam gets thin and hard. You have to search for a new mattress all over again. Sometimes expensive mattresses wear out as quickly as cheap ones.

The problem is often the quality of materials.

SC41 mattresses use coils from Germany4-way stretch knit organic cotton, and 100% Talalay natural latex foam to support you for many years to come.

It is common for SC41 mattresses to be as comfortable in five to ten years as they are the day they are delivered.

Delivery and set-up are available for all SC41 Natural Latex Mattresses and Foundations

Step through the doors of SC41, and experience the benefits of a bed that is built for you.

It doesn’t cost a million dollars to feel like a million bucks.

. . .the mattress of your dreams – delivered to your bedroom!

SC41 Mattresses

Step into the comfort of the Euro Posturflo, a medium-firm mattress designed to contour and fit your body. The mattress is economically priced, offering both performance and value.

The Euro Posturflo is unique in its construction, featuring parallel pre-compressed coils that provide cushioned support. Above this layer is the Posturflo comfort layer, designed to add contour and breathability to your sleep experience.

The high coil count and stretch design provide effective weight distribution, resulting in an overall more yielding and supple feel while maintaining stability.

The mattress is finished with a breathable wool-lined organic cotton cover, ensuring a cool and dry sleep environment. All components are ecologically healthy and built to last, and certified chemically safe.

Euro PF Posturflo Mattress

  • Parallel pre-compressed coils for cushioned support
  • Posturflo comfort layer for added contour and breathability
  • Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
  • Breathable wool-lined organic cotton cover for cool, dry sleep
  • Ecologically healthy components built to last
  • Conformation and pressure relief
  • Suitable for platform beds and Flexible European Slat system
  • All components certified chemically safe by Oeko-Tex 100
  • High coil count and stretch design for effective weight distribution
  • Medium firmness level, offering a balance of comfort and support

The Euro Posturflo is a mattress that offers comfort and stands up to the test of time. It is an outstanding choice for those looking for performance at great value.

SC41’s 100% natural Talalay latex mattress models offer a choice of a solid or gently zoned 6” support core in different firmness options.

This design is completed with a comfort layer of 2” natural Talalay latex.

Together these two layers create a uniquely quiet sensation with a highly elastic surface that gently lifts and supports your body.

SC41 latex mattresses are free from synthetics, fillers, and harmful chemicals. This high-quality natural latex foam provides exceptional comfort and will retain its shape and consistency over time.


  • Choice of solid or gently zoned 6″ support core made from 100% natural Talalay latex
  • 2″ of 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer
  • Breathable cover made with 4-way stretch knit 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate
  • Certified healthy components
  • Motion free gentle support
  • Durable and consistent over time
  • Free from synthetics and fillers
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Four firmness options per model
  • Works well with motorized adjustable bases

Snuggle into the Areus. Relax into organic cotton over breathable pure plein-air wool. Feel the support of 1,100 flexible steel coils topped with two inches of natural Talay Latex.

It feels like the bed knows where you need more support — and less pressure. You are evenly supported by two levels of coils. The higher coils flex and adjust to the natural contour of your body. The lower ones form a gentle foundation.

You might not have time to think about this as you drift into a relaxing slumber. As you feel supported and your muscles relax, your eyelids become heavy and you drift lazily into your dreams.

The goal of the Areus is for you to feel completely supported – so you can sleep peacefully and wake up feeling re-energized.

Once you rest on an Areus you see why it is one of SC41’s most popular models. Built for durability and comfort, the Areus is designed to help you sleep better for many years to come.


  • Nested interactive base coils from Germany, special for SC41
  • 2″ of highly elastic 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer
    Breathable cover made with 4-way stretch knit 100% organic cotton quilted to pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate
  • Certified healthy components
  • Proven durability and value
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Four firmness options per model
  • Independent pocketed coil construction for reduced bounce and motion transfer
  • Works well with motorized adjustable bases
  • Hybrid Design: Latex Foam & Nested Base Coils

The Nobella III model combines the supple firmness of German top coils with the elasticity and flexibility of nested base coils for customers who like a plush, luxurious feel but also want a more substantial, denser-feeling mattress.

The surface of the mattress contours to the body while remaining firm, thanks to a top layer of pre-compressed coils that flex independently. Topped with natural latex cushioning this creates a uniquely supportive, firmer feel free from the flat hardness and surface tension of most conventional mattresses.


  • Highly flexible nested base coil from Germany
  • Comfort layer of 1500 German mini coils finished with 1″ of 100% natural Talalay latex
  • Breathable cover made with 4-way stretch knit 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate
  • Certified healthy components
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Four firmness options per model
  • Independent pocketed coil construction reduces bounce and motion transfer

The Celeste Mattress offers a popular combination of stability and comfort.

At the surface of this mattress is a layer of pre-compressed mini coils from Germany combined with soft natural Talalay latex. A second layer of nested coils in the base cradles and supports your weight. Together these more than 3000 independent coils create a very supportive mattress that holds you with gentle surface comfort.


  • Nested high-coil count base coil made in Germany
  • Comfort layer of 1500 German mini coils finished with 1″ of 100% natural Talalay latex
  • Breathable cover made with 4-way stretch knit 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate
  • Certified healthy components
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples
  • Two firmness options
  • Independent pocketed coil construction reduces bounce and motion transfer

To achieve a new level of pressure relief and climate control, a layer of 2200 Posturflo coils was added to the popular Luna.

This technologically advanced performance layer adds flexible cushion and additional airflow. Combined with the supple firmness of the pre-compressed mini coils and the supportive elasticity of the base coils, the surface of the Luna contours to your body with a luxurious feel and exceptional pressure relief.

Topped with natural latex cushioning, the harmonious interaction of coil dynamics in the different layers creates a unique feel providing optimal comfort in any sleeping position. The Posturflo coil has remarkable performance properties enabling temperature regulation and reduced motion transfer.

The triple coil design is completed with a stretch cover made from 100% organic cotton quilted to pure wool combined with a generous amount of camel hair. Camel hair is finer than sheep wool and provides exceptional performance with regards to humidity control and temperature balance combined with sumptuous softness.

All components in the Luna are fully Oeko-Tex Certified to be chemically safe.


  • Base layer of nested, flexible German coils
  • Middle layer of 1,550 German mini coils with soft Talalay latex
  • Top layer of 2,200 English Posturflo coils with soft Talalay latex
  • Breathable 4-way stretch knit 100% organic cotton knit quilted to a combination layer of wool and camel hair for exceptional sleep climate control and cushy comfort
  • Ecologically healthy components built to last
  • Four firmnesses to choose from – dual-sided for couples

Made from chemically safe components

SC41’s Healthy Kids Mattresses are made from the same natural and certified materials as the adult mattresses – just less of them. Children sleep longer than adults and are more sensitive to harmful substances.

The chemically safe children’s mattresses provide outstanding value and peace of mind.

The basic model is made from pocketed coils, an extra layer of wool and the same functional performance cover material as the adult mattresses – a good choice for small children. Breathable cover made with 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate.

Healthy Kids 1 Mattress

  • Free of harmful chemicals – no flame retardants or PBDE’s
  • 100% organic 4-way stretch knit stretch cotton cover quilted to pure wool
  • Individual, flexible pocket coils from Germany
  • Outstanding value
  • Available in Twin size only
  • 38.5″ x 74.5” x 6.5”
  • Suitable for platform beds

Healthy Kids 2 Mattress

SC41’s Kids 2 step-up model features an additional layer of natural Talalay latex, offering additional cushioning for older children (age 10+).

  • Free of harmful chemicals – no flame retardants or PBDE’s
  • 4-way stretch knit organic cotton cover quilted to pure wool
  • Individual, flexible pocket coils from Germany
  • 1” of 100% natural latex creates two different firmness sides
  • Available in Twin size only 7.5” for K2
  • Suitable for platform beds
Waking up refreshed on a natural latex mattress

Bases & Foundations: Beyond Box Springs

SC41’s solid wood foundation is constructed with closely spaced solid wood boards for firm support while at the same time allowing airflow to ensure a dry and healthy sleeping climate.

The foundation replaces your box spring and fits into any standard-sized bed frame. Paired with one of SC41’s flexible, supportive mattresses, it will provide stability and comfort.

Flammability standards are met naturally, without using artificial barriers or chemical sprays by upholstering the foundation with organic cotton knit and pure wool to match the SC41 mattress design.

All the wood used in these foundations comes from sustainable PEFC and FSC certified sources in Germany and Canada.

The frame of SC41’s foundation is crafted from solid, untreated wood from Canada. SC41 also imports the laminated wood for some frame specifications and flexible Euro slats from Germany where the material has been tested for harmful substances. SC41’s suppliers meet the strict E1 regulations for Formaldehyde.

  • Solid, stable wood foundation
  • Fits any frame – replaces a box spring
  • Green, clean and built to perform
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Available in three depths:
    • XHigh Profile 8.5″
    • High Profile 7”
    • Low Profile 4″

Targeted Support And Pressure Relief

SC41’s European Adjustable Slat System is designed to do more than merely support your mattress — it is designed to support YOU.

The curved slats in this foundation provide both suspension and contour for greater comfort and pressure reduction. And the slat system is fully adjustable and dual-sided to meet the needs of individual sleepers. The slat suspension was invented in Bremervörde Germany in 1957 and accounts for the vast majority of bed sales in Northern Europe.

SC41 has adapted the system to meet the needs of American consumers. The flexible slat foundation replaces your box spring and fits in any standard-sized bed frame.

Paired with one of SC41’s flexible, supportive mattresses, it is an integral part of your mattress system.


  • Independent, flexible and supportive slats
  • Slats are firmness-adjustable for optimal contour
  • Individual sides – no roll-together or bounce
  • Each side adjusts independently
  • Fits any frame – replaces a box spring
  • Available in high and low profiles: 4″/ 6.5″, 8.75″
  • Crafted from solid wood
  • Upholstered with organic cotton knit quilted to pure wool
  • Not available in full size


Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Mattress

To meet the standard, SC41 mattresses use wool as a natural flame barrier the the cover design.

Wool burns cooler, self-extinguishes after a brief period, and leaves a char layer that works as a very efficient heat insulator to protect the core from igniting. SC41 does not use chemical sprays or artificial flame barriers in mattresses or foundations.

Wool is the healthiest and most natural way to meet the flammability standard. SC41 mattresses have passed the open flame test with a comfortable margin. The relevant information can be found on the law label.

Not on a mattress from SC41 Furniture!

Due to the significantly higher number of compressed coils that are center-glued and individually wrapped, the resiliency of the latex, the individual flexible slat suspension system, and the extraordinary quilting on the top pad, SC41 mattresses have virtually no motion transfer.

At SC41, specially trained staff fit the mattress to you to ensure you’re getting a mattress with the proper support and comfort level. A considerable advantage over other mattresses, the SC41 mattresses can be easily opened so that you can see the superior components and design. You are also able to adjust and readjust your SC41 mattress for the life of the mattress.

If you don’t have a diagnosed allergy to latex, the latex inside your mattress is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

A tiny percentage of our population is allergic to latex. Usually, with direct and repeated exposure, for example, some health workers may develop an allergy to latex gloves. The number of latex proteins found in natural latex is infinitesimally smaller than that found in latex gloves.

Both the latex and wool are inside the mattress casing underneath a sumptuous layer of organic stretch cotton, preventing direct contact with your skin.

While no mattress can guarantee a “cure” for any physical condition, sleeping on a mattress with excellent support and comfort is an integral part of alleviating physical issues.

These issues often have numerous contributing factors. And certainly, a bad mattress can aggravate a condition!

Please do not wash or dry clean the zippered casing around your mattress. It will shrink and not fit back onto your mattress.

You can take the top panel off to air out seasonally. You can also put it in the dryer for half an hour on a cool setting if outdoor airing is inconvenient.

If necessary, you can spot-clean the cover with a gentle detergent. Place a towel underneath while you spot clean from the top side. Make sure you allow it to dry well before zipping back together.

Do not expose latex to direct sunlight or excessive moisture.

You are more likely to sleep cooler.

SC41 mattresses have several elements that guard against hot sleep.

While synthetics and polyesters sleep hotter because they don’t allow moisture to evaporate, the SC41 mattress is encased in Plein-air wool and organic cotton – both excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin and allowing free flow of air. In addition, the 100% natural Talalay latex has an interconnected open cell structure that allows air circulation. The result is a drier and more hygienic sleep environment.


If you have a European-sized or antique bed or uncomfortable RV mattress, SC41 can make special-sized mattresses and topper pads for you.

You can get pretty much make any size in the all-latex mattress models.

With coil mattresses, there are certain limits. They can only be reduced/enlarged in increments of the coil diameter. But that is often still within +/- 1 inch of your desired size.

SC41 Mattresses follow the best practices for standard mattress and bed sizes.

SizeFinished Mattress ± ½”Finished Foundation + ½”, -0
Twin39″ x 74 ½”37 ½” x 74″
TXL39″ x 79 ½”37 ½” x 79″
Full54″ x 74 ½”52 ½” x 74″
Queen60″ x 79 ½”59 ½” x 79″
Eastern King76″ x 79 ½”37 ½” x 79″ (2 required)
California King72″ x 83 ½”35 ½” x 83″ (2 required)

Split mattresses for motion beds are also available.

In our experience, Talalay Latex is the best choice for mattresses.

Not all latex is created equal. Some latex is synthetic or contains harmful chemicals. The SC41 mattress’s 100% natural Talalay latex is Cradle to Cradle GOLD certified. This is the most comprehensive standard currently available in the industry.

In comparison, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) is limited in scope and doesn’t even test for any off-gassing of the finished product. The GOLS certification allows up to 5% of the formulation to be “non-organic” materials. It is impossible to make latex without additives – like soap, sulfur, gelling agents, etc – so a lot can happen on the way from making the organic raw material into latex.

SC41 uses only 100% natural Talalay latex because of its superior performance and durability compared to Dunlop latex and blends.

Make sure that the materials in your mattress adhere to the highest standards in the industry, such as the European Oeko-Tex 100, GOTS, and Cradle to Cradle Certifications.

Or simply choose any of the mattresses at SC41.

SC41 uses components that are Oeko-Tex 100 and Cradle to Cradle GOLD certified. The cotton fabric is made with 100% organic fiber in a GOTS-certified factory in Germany. The manufacturing process alters nothing in the chemical composition of the finished product in any way.

SC41 mattress designs prioritize exceptional functionality, superior performance, and a commitment to chemical safety.

While organic certification is not our primary focus, we ensure that the materials used are safe and eco-friendly. SC41 uses polypropylene for pocketed coil material because it performs better than any other material.

Polypropylene is quick-drying, which is essential to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria inside your mattress. It is hushed and does not make crunchy noises when you move in bed. It is famous for its fatigue resistance and allows the hot-melt (solvent-free) glue to bond tightly to it to prevent separation of the rows of coils – guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Polypropylene is considered the safest plastic, non-carcinogenic, and highly stable. The material is inert and does not off-gas or leach chemicals. It is one of the few materials that are non-toxic and have been proven to be safe for use in mattresses.